Tree Services

Whether your gem is in need of a little grooming, needs to lose some dead weight, or needs to be removed completely, we’ve got the skills to solve your problem ­ it’s no problem!

We specialise in tree removal ­Redlands any species, any size (we don’t discriminate). We’re also experts in pruning and shaping trees, transforming them into the belle of the ball. We understand that Queensland weather is temperamental and prone to tropical storms, which is why we don’t just offer storm damage cleanup, but also risk assessments to prevent problems from arising in the first place. Need some stump grinding? Our team of qualified arborists are your go­to guys.

To us, trees are a man's best friend ­ or ours, at least! We’re qualified arborists with years of experience in providing a range of tree services. If you’re worried that space will be too difficult to access then call us ­ we relish these kinds of challenges. Some clients have even referred to us as monkeys, referencing the ease in which we climb difficult to reach trees. And if all else fails, we’ve got a 90ft cherry picker for those dead and dangerous trees. Long story short ­ we’ve got it covered. There’s no need to go out on a limb.

There’s a reason why the Redlands area trusts us. We’re specialists in our field, arrive on time, leave your property even more immaculate than we found it, and have full insurance. As if that wasn’t great enough, we understand the everyday guy, which is why we offer competitive pricing for families and pensioner discounts. It’s no problem!