Tree Lopping

Before lopping any medium to large tree there are a number of considerations:

1. Has the tree been previously lopped.

2. Will the regrowth be maintained.

3. Location, ie: is it near houses, sheds etc, do children play near it.

4. Can the tree survive a period without leaf for photosynthesis production.

Generally lopping is a procedure most qualified arborists would avoid unless the tree has been previously lopped or in fact the tree is a “hedge tree” such as a lilly pilly.

For a large tree that has never been lopped there are a number of issues related to tree lopping Redlands, such as poor attachments on regrowth, the natural habit or shape of the tree changed forever (for the worst usually), disease entry point at the site of lopping due to wound wood not forming correctly (as in collar cuts) and last but certainly not least the tree can starve to death as a result of not been able to photosynthesise because all the leaves have been removed.

So generally it is considered a drastic step, where removal or target pruning are normally the best option. Improper tree lopping Redlands can lead to trees become unsightly, diseased, or potentially dangerous. But at Tree Problem No Problem, these problems aren’t even in our vocabulary, so always consult a qualified arborist before lopping any medium to large trees.