Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of cutting down individual trees, but don’t be fooled ­ this job is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Picture yourself high on an unstable ladder holding a chainsaw. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it? Leave it to the professionals (hint: that’s us!).

Tree felling is usually performed with a chainsaw, which is the core reason for why it’s so dangerous for the everyday joe. Cutting one tree can take a lot of work and planning. We assess which we a tree will fall, devising a plan to cut the tree in a way that will strategically not come into contact with anything else. To do this, we consult our years of extensive experience, analysing the slope of the ground, the lean of the tree, and the height of the tree. And that’s the least of the problems!

If you have a quick squiz at Google, it’s easy to understand that some people think tree felling is a walk in the park, offering DIY jobs left, right, and center. Unless you’re chopping down a tree that is at knee height, we’d avoid at home tree felling jobs ­ there’s just way too many things that could go wrong!

When a tree falls, it doesn’t stop for anything. This great deal of force makes it difficult to control the movement of various types of debris. Limbs may break and fly through the air if they come into contact with other things as the tree is falling. Obviously, this poses a great risk to those in the surrounding area. That’s why we place an explicit focus on safety, ensuring that it’s not just us who’s protected, but you and your surroundings. You can hold us to that!